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DELTA-8-THC 510. Thread

Delta 8 THC is a minor cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Delta 8 THC results in a milder effect and less intense “high.” As such, D8 is commonly referred to as “THC lite.”

Delta 8 THC is becoming increasingly popular in US markets because of it’s less intense high.

Our Delta 8 vape carts contain a close to 60/30 blend of D8/D9 THC. Giving users a milder more affordable alternative to the traditional Delta 9 THC vapes. A better day time smoke.


DELTA-9-THC 510. Thread

Delta 9 THC is the major cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Delta 9 is what people are usually referring to when they talk about THC. Delta 9 is the commonly known heavy “high.”

We use our own in house 95-99% extracts to produce these extremely potent and pure 88-93% THC vape carts. So, when it comes to our distillate vape carts, we can offer industry leading purity at an affordable price point.

• No Fats

• No Waxes

• No Lipids

• No Question Marks

Just Cannabinoids and Terpenes! 

HTFSE 510. Thread

Highgrade’s “High-terpene full-spectrum extract” vape carts deliver the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other phytochemicals normally present in the flower.

HTFSE more commonly known as “Terp Sauce” provides a truly elevated and enhanced natural flavor and aromatic profile. 

What does it mean? It means it has extremely high levels of cannabis extracted terpenes which significantly contribute to the overall scent and flavor profile of our extract (full spectrum). These are our true connoisseur vape carts.


Clusters of THCa diamonds in a pool of terpene rich sauce. It doesn’t get any better. 

Highgrade’s Terp Diamonds! The potency of THCa diamonds teamed up with the intense aroma and flavour of terp sauce truly make the perfect combo! Using our state of the art BHO extraction this extract is crafted to absolute perfection. 

THCa Isolate

Our THCa Isolate is 98-99% Pure THCa. The perfect addition to “super charge” any joint, or to smoke on it’s own for the ultimate pure potency. 

THCa Diamonds

THCa Diamonds are 98-99% Pure THCa Crystalline. The perfect addition to “super charge” any joint, or to smoke on it’s own for the ultimate potency. 


Highgrade’s premium shatter! Our shatter is beautiful transparent gold, potent and glass. It lives up to its name.

Crafted using our industry leading cryo-cold BHO extraction to ensure next level purity while keeping undesirable elements such as waxes and lipids out!


Highgrade’s Budder is a high terpene, high THCa extract whipped to perfection to give it that smooth buttery appearance and to enhance its taste profile. 

Hand roll it up and add it to any joint or dab it on it’s own for that smooth buttery terpene taste.